My First Book Is Up On Amazon!

This is a big day for me; my first self-published work is now available for sale on Amazon. 


The first in a series set in the early twenty-third century about a deep-space company: a ship that goes off into the vast, unexplored reaches of the galaxy, seeking new sources of raw material and selling the location to the highest bidder. The ragtag crew, our heroes, not only have to deal with the incalculable dangers of outer space and alien worlds, but also have to somehow spend weeks in space without killing each other. You’ll find action, humor, fantastic new worlds, amazing sights, social satire, pirates, mutants, talking snakes, stalwart soldiers, genial priests, super-cute girls, and lots more (aliens not included).

And that’s just the first episode!

Buy it, read it, review it, and keep your eyes open for episode 2.

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