Some Timely Music

Considering the time of year and that Victims of Liberalism day is tomorrow, here are a few suitable songs to get us in the mood. (Note the two badges of the Vendee: the Sacred Heart badge on the chest and the white cockade - symbol of Catholic monarchy - on the hat) reading Some Timely Music

Kaiju Appreciations: Hedorah (Update)

Another Kaiju Appreciation is up, this time an updated version of my video for Hedorah the Smog Monster. Godzilla vs. Hedorah, AKA Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster is a very strange film. It marks the transition of Godzilla into straight-up hero mode and its environmentalist message is as nuanced as an anvil. There's a … Continue reading Kaiju Appreciations: Hedorah (Update)

Friday Flotsam: Generation Y and Then Some

1. I’ve often longed for a Professor Kingsfield-style class of fiction writing: 2. At work today, someone brought up the African Shoebill: Add it to the list of things that ought to be too ridiculous to really exist. 3. Reading lately has included Generation Y: The New Lost Generation, a collection of essays … Continue reading Friday Flotsam: Generation Y and Then Some