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Who Are You and What Do You Want From Us?!

My name is David, and I’m a very introverted Roman Catholic freelance writer and amateur ethicist (among other things) trying to carve out an independent living while doing my own lonely part in the eternal war between good and evil.

So…What’s with the Snakes?

I like snakes. I relate to snakes.

Snakes are unique, independent, solitary creatures. They don’t really ‘fit in’ with the other animals of the world, and for the most part they just want to be left alone. And they’re so good at defending themselves that some of the most powerful creatures on Earth (humans, elephants, etc.) are afraid of them.

Now, you might think that snakes are an odd mascot for a self-professed Catholic: aren’t they images of the devil?

Well, yes; sometimes. But remember, the snake was the first miracle God performed at the start of the Exodus: Aaron’s staff turned into a serpent before Pharaoh and his court and devoured the staves of the high priests as a sign of God’s superiority over the Egyptian gods.

The serpent spoke for the Devil in the Garden, but it spoke for God before the throne of kings.

4 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. David: I enjoyed your piece (which has apparently gone ‘Net- wide!) about the value, or lack of, your college education. You mentioned your frustration at submitting countless job applications, with no employment to show for the effort.

    I just want to share some advice with you… take it or leave it, but it was MY experience, and therefore, it may be valuable to you as well.

    I have a degree, and I have experience in my field. However, for a while, I found myself unemployed, and seeking work. I submitted job application after job application after job application… HUNDREDS of those tedious forms, filled out, sent in, submitted, mailed, e-mailed, hand- delivered, whatever. Yet, out of hundreds, I got responses from approximately… zero percent of them. None. Not a single one.

    Now, one thing that I had always done was to fill out the ENTIRE application… including the “optional” section that asks about race/ ethnic background. In order to show that I was a team player, and not hiding anything, I dutifully completed that section, announcing to my potential employers that I am a Caucasian (and a MALE, at that!).

    One day, however, I had an epiphany: What if being a white person was working against me, in this world of political correctness, and “equal opportunity ” (which, of course, means that hiring must often be based upon race, and not qualifications (yep… they call that “equal opportunity…” disgusting irony!)).

    So, after that thought, I stopped completing that optional part of the application forms… I left it blank, on all subsequent application forms that I completed.

    After six months, and hundreds of fruitless applications, THIS changed the tide. Within ONE WEEK, I was faced with the dilemma of having to choose from THREE different job offers! Once I had stopped announcing my race, my phone started ringing off the wall… I was scheduled for interviews, and had offers from THREE different employers within a single week.

    It’s a funny world we live in. You may see my message as racist, but it is simply an observation of reality. Anecdotal, perhaps… but it changed MY view on how hiring managers choose who gets called in for interviews!

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  2. Just stumbled upon your article in The Federalist (link on Yahoo?)

    You are fond of books in addition to snakes, right? I know librarians who are extroverted, but others who are not at all. Have you ever considered an MLS?


  3. Hi, David (the introverted). Yes, I will echo the others’ remarks. The Avengers’ article was interesting and astute on your part. It certainly does hark back to Malthus. In a broader perspective, what does everyone think of the Left’s advocating of not having children (for example, GINKs -Green Inclinations no kids)?

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