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I am a professional author with several books available for purchase.

A Gentleman Instructed in the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life
(Christian Moral Life / Classics)

RISDM 57-281

For what can even fancy paint more charming and more glorious than grandees neither abject in adversity nor insolent in prosperity; than courtiers peaceable in the noise of affairs, temperate in the midst of excess, unchangeable in vicissitudes, and constant in all the turns of Fortune, untainted with lust, composed in tumults, and smiling at all those things that are either expected or feared by others; than men who have the power to do what they will and the will to do nothing but what is just and reasonable?

At the turn of the 18th century in England, after a century of wars and revolutions and just prior to the age of infidelity and unbelief, the Jesuit father William Darrell wrote this marvellous treatise for the instruction of young noblemen, casting it defiantly against the creeping skepticism and flippancy of his day. In it the noble and witty Eusebius instructs the naive, but eager Neander in both Christian morals and the duties of a gentleman, presenting his lessons with a striking blend of religious rigorism and wry sarcasm that led to the book becoming a perennial favourite, running through ten editions in the author’s lifetime alone.

Now this classic work of morality returns in a freshly edited new edition for modern readers, who will find in it far more of the familiar than they might expect. From popular entertainment making a mockery of religion to men and women spending their lives drifting from diversion to diversion, and from free and easy profanity to financial irresponsibility, the life of virtue and the follies of mankind remain ever relevant, even as their trappings change with the centuries.

Laced with wit and wisdom, this remarkable little book is a must-have for any would-be Christian gentleman.

Perseus Corbett and the Forbidden Valley
(Classic Adventure / Fantasy)


It all started with a kiss…

When Perseus Corbett shared his first kiss with young Elizabeth Alban, daughter of Lord Darrow, he vowed that, impossible though it seemed, he would someday become rich enough to marry her. But after many years, a World War, and a hundred adventures chasing treasure in every corner of globe, he finds himself no nearer to his goal.

Then, one night, a dying old man thrusts a tattered manuscript into his hands. It tells of a place deep in the Amazon jungle – a place known to legend as both the treasure house of the gods and an abode of monsters.

Seizing this seemingly final chance, Perseus gathers a small expedition – including Elizabeth herself – to find this lost world. Together they travel into the unknown, facing ever greater wonders and more fearsome dangers. Facing too their own hearts and souls, their regrets and resentments laid bare in the untamed wilds.

But what secrets await them at their journey’s end? Who else covets the treasures of the gods?

And will any of the expedition return, or will they be consumed by the perils of this Forbidden Valley?

The Walk Home and Other Tales of Suspense
(Short Stories / Thriller)


Seven short tales to tingle the nerves and chill the blood:

  • The Walk Home: Stranded at a roadhouse, independent-minded Kathy decides to try to make her way home on foot by cutting through a state park. As the night wears on, she increasingly regrets the decision.
  • The Final Performance: A magician’s assistant plans on staging a disappearing act from her employer / boyfriend. All she has to do, so she thinks, is make it through one last show.
  • Vengeance of the Storm: As a thunderstorm looms, a man plots a particularly cold-blooded murder, convinced that he’s accounted for every possible detail.
  • Cat’s Smile: Nagged and bullied by his hypochondriac wife, Walden finds himself wishing he could come home and find her dead…

And three more stories of murder, revenge, betrayal – and above all suspense.

Spring and Fall in the Old Dark House
(Junior Horror)

SnF Cover 1

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

When twelve-year-old Jenny Spring is asked that question by her best friend, David Fall, she insists that she doesn’t. She’s the smartest kid in school, and she knows exactly the right arguments to prove that there are no such things as ghosts.

But when the actions of a bitter classroom rival force them to enter and explore the creepiest house in town, Jenny and David find themselves forced to reconsider; what if there are such things as ghosts?

The Ten Commandments of Murder
(Fiction, Mystery)

TCM v2

“A house of many sins is a house of many motives.”

A gunshot shatters the night in the Long Island mansion of Wareham. An odious houseguest has been murdered and rich, directionless Alfred More is found holding the weapon that killed him…only he didn’t do it.

With a charge of murder staring him in the face, Alfred turns to the top private detective in New York: the huge, unpretentious Malachi Burke. Armed with his own ‘Ten Commandments of Murder’, Burke sets about sifting through the secret sins of the household to find which among them has violated the command, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’

The Wisdom of Walt Disney: The Themes, Ethics, and Ideas of His Greatest Films
(Non-Fiction, Essays and Film Criticism)


Develop a new appreciation for the legendary storyteller as we explore the themes behind the timeless films of Walt Disney. From the triumphs and failures of civilization to the inseparable bond of parent and child, Disney plumbed the simplest, yet most important elements of the human experience and presented them in terms the whole world could understand. In The Wisdom of Walt Disney, we look past the bright colors and songs in search of the ideas behind twelve of the master storyteller’s greatest films.

Here you’ll discover why Pinocchio turns into a donkey, what is behind the Pastoral Symphony in Fantasia, and how Bambi relates to terror of war. You’ll learn the real message of Song of the South, explore the tortured soul of Captain Nemo, and uncover the profound piety of Sleeping Beauty. Above all, you’ll never watch these films the same way again.