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In the chapter on Fantasia in The Wisdom of Walt Disney (Hey, I’ve gotta promote my stuff somewhere), I talk about the great, ongoing stream of culture, running from far back beyond the horizon of history down to the present, each age and generation drawing from it and adding their own contributions.

This page is for where I talk about the things drawn out of it; admiring the bits of gold, discussing whether I think something deserves to be floated down stream, and trying to sift out the poisonous ones.

It would be simpler to say this is the ‘reviews’ page, but I’m reluctant to do so, since I don’t usually describe them as ‘reviews’, but only ‘thoughts.’ ‘Reviews’ implies a more clinical, thorough approach, and while you will find reviews here, you’ll also find posts that don’t really fit the bill. The point is, this is where I draw things out of the stream and take a look at them one way or another.

(This page is likely to be under construction for some time while I gather the relevant posts, so be careful not to step on a nail or fall down any loose boards)


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