Rings of Power Pitch Meeting

This'll probably be my only post on Amazon's disastrously horrible Rings of Power series, and it's just to point out this very funny video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhsGVs6auq0 "Ha ha, what, is she planning to swim back to Middle Earth?""Yes, that's the plan""Ha...oh my god, you're serious." The "Pitch Meeting" videos are generally pretty funny, especially … Continue reading Rings of Power Pitch Meeting

Poetry – “Prometheus”

Titan! to whose immortal eyes         The sufferings of mortality,         Seen in their sad reality,Were not as things that gods despise;What was thy pity's recompense?A silent suffering, and intense;The rock, the vulture, and the chain,All that the proud can feel of pain,The agony they do not show,The suffocating sense of woe,         Which speaks but in its loneliness,And then is … Continue reading Poetry – “Prometheus”

Friday Flotsam: Grumpy Talk Mostly of Manners and Values

1. I've been oddly tired this week; it's been hard for me to make myself do any work or focus on anything. I don't know whether it's depression, low blood-sugar (I'm fasting for Advent), adverse spiritual influence, or some combo. Probably a combo. 2. There are ways to reach superficially similar effects through morally opposite … Continue reading Friday Flotsam: Grumpy Talk Mostly of Manners and Values

Thought of the Day

The giant, profit-oriented corporation does not care about your personal happiness or fulfillment. They are not pushing ideas upon you because they genuinely and disinterestedly think that they are true or beneficial; they do it because it is profitable to them. It's really kind of odd how often we seem to forget that.