An Imagined Scene

Setting: Disney animation department. "Hey, you know how the first Lion King was kind of based on Hamlet, and the sequel was kind of based on Romeo and Juliet?" "Yeah, so?" "I was just thinking...we really shouldn't have done Othello for the third one."

Superversive Again, and Other Thoughts

On Sunday I went on Superversive livestream again to continue talking Disney with Ben Wheeler, Anthony Marchetta, and Caroline Furlong: This one got a little heavier and heated in places, though still a good time overall. A good chunk of the first hour is spent discussing whether Mulan is better interpreted as a feminist … Continue reading Superversive Again, and Other Thoughts

Friday Flotsam: Depression, Thrawn, and Lady (and the Tramp)

1. This week was overall pretty miserable: I was strangely exhausted most of the time and my depression flared up badly. I want to say it’s some form of burnout, but you know what they say about self-diagnosis. In any case, I was able to get through by severely curtailing my activity and schedule to … Continue reading Friday Flotsam: Depression, Thrawn, and Lady (and the Tramp)