Poem – “An American to Mother England”

England! My England! Can the surging seaThat lies between us tear my heart from thee?Can distant birth and distant dwelling drainTh’ ancestral blood that warms the loyal vein?Isle of my Fathers! hear the filial songOf him whose sources but to thee belong!World-conquering Mother! by thy mighty handWas carv’d from savage wilds my native land:Thy matchless … Continue reading Poem – “An American to Mother England”

Poetry: “Lines on General Robert E. Lee”

“Si veris magna paraturFama bonis, et si successu nuda remotoInspicitur virtus, quicquid laudamus in ulloMajorum, fortuna fuit.”—Lucan.Whilst martial echoes o’er the wave resound,And Europe’s gore incarnadines the ground;Today no foreign hero we bemoan,But count the glowing virtues of our own!Illustrious LEE! around whose honour’d nameEntwines a patriot’s and a Christian’s fame;With whose just praise admiring … Continue reading Poetry: “Lines on General Robert E. Lee”