Lenten Embertide

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after the first Sunday of Lent are the Spring Ember Days, when we fast and give thanks for the marvelous works of God, Who orders the changing of the times and seasons. In Lenten Embertide, we anticipate the coming of Spring, the time of birth and renewal, of planting and preparation. … Continue reading Lenten Embertide

Friday Flotsam: The Epiphany and Other Thoughts

1. Happy Feast of the Epiphany! From my reflections this morning: why those three gifts of the magi? The foremost is recognition of Christ’s three roles as King, Priest, and Sacrifice, as elaborated on in the famous song. But there’s something else as well which becomes clear when we consider that these are gifts offered … Continue reading Friday Flotsam: The Epiphany and Other Thoughts