Musings: On Certainty and Uncertainty

There is an idea – almost an axiom in our world – that strong, dogmatic belief leads to intolerance, social oppression, and the decay of reason, while an uncertain agnosticism that subjects everything to reason and logic leads to tolerance and open-minded harmony. Actually, it’s almost the opposite. I say almost because dogmatism certainly can … Continue reading Musings: On Certainty and Uncertainty

A Thought

(The following came while reading a Yard Sale of the Mind post) How is it that a right exercised only on occasions determined by others, only under conditions dictated by others, and whose effectiveness is almost wholly determined by circumstances outside the individual's control should be counted as the defining element of liberty?

Catholic Match Post: Love Honor More

My latest post is up on Catholic Match: Of course, honor isn’t only expressed in momentous, world-shaking events like the American Revolution. In fact, it’s mostly expressed in small, day-to-day affairs in which we are offered the chance to do either what is right or what is easy. There’s an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show that … Continue reading Catholic Match Post: Love Honor More