So, my sister, Masha, has nominated me for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award,” which is surprising and very gratifying.

Very Inspiring Blogger award with pixie dust

Apparently, I’m supposed to give seven things you might or might not know about me. Without repeating my first 7 Quick Takes post.

  1. I have a very old soul and an oddly extended memory. That is, I tend to look back on history as though it were contemporary to myself. For instance, I refuse to call a movie ‘old’ unless it was made before, say, 1970 at the earliest. And any time I hear an idea described as ‘out of date’ I take it as a sign to see whether there might be anything to it.
  1. I’m something of an anglophile: most of my favorite authors are English and many of my favorite stories either are set in England (usually either Victorian or interwar) or grew out of that world, and I adore nineteenth and early twentieth-century British culture.
  1. My Freshman year of college, as part of our introduction to each other, a group of us were asked to share who our heroes were. Since I went to a very Catholic College, almost everyone else said things like “Jesus,” or “John Paul II.” I was the only one who had a non-religious hero: I said “Cyrano de Bergerac.”
  1. I hate flying, but I really enjoy long car trips. This is a nicely balanced state of affairs, though I can’t always make use of it due to time considerations. The reason I hate flying is that I’m apparently very sensitive to changes in pressure, which makes flying a thoroughly miserable and often painful experience for me. I’m not exaggerating: flying can actually be physically painful for me.
  1. Right now my reading mostly consists of Part one of The Last Lion: William Manchester’s masterful biography of Winston Churchill. Fascinating stuff, but I’m trying to hurry through the end so that I can start reading Don Quixote. I read multiple books all the time, but reading two GIANT books at the same time strikes me as pushing it.
  1. I have this thing where, whenever I find something (a song, a story, etc.) that I really like, I immediately want to do something creative with it. That’s one of the reasons I make music videos for a hobby, and one of the reasons I’m trying to learn how to draw.
  1. I almost never read internet comments. I always get an urge to try to answer someone I disagree with, but once I do I start obsessing over the question and worrying that I’m not answering it right. So, I don’t let myself get involved: it’s just another time waster and stress-multiplier that I don’t need.

Now I think I’m supposed to nominate others…hmm…

First is my friend EG Norton, who is sincerely one of the most interesting people I know and who has operated several marvelous blogs over the years and currently blogs at The Martial Theologian. She doesn’t write very regularly, but she’s always worth reading when she does!

Next is my friend Teresa, who blogs at Daughter of Judith, but who hasn’t written much lately due to personal issues. This is to say that your patience and continued concern for others inspire me!

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