Fun Fact: The Great Unsung DC Love Match

Revisiting Groundhog Day the other night, I realized something I hadn't noticed before. You know the young engaged couple who show up a couple times ("They're supposed to get married today, but Debbie's having second thoughts.")? These guys Well, they're played by a young Hynden Walch and Michael Shannon, respectively. Better known today in these … Continue reading Fun Fact: The Great Unsung DC Love Match

Rings of Power Pitch Meeting

This'll probably be my only post on Amazon's disastrously horrible Rings of Power series, and it's just to point out this very funny video on it: "Ha ha, what, is she planning to swim back to Middle Earth?""Yes, that's the plan""Ha...oh my god, you're serious." The "Pitch Meeting" videos are generally pretty funny, especially … Continue reading Rings of Power Pitch Meeting