I Don’t Care Anymore

You may have heard that the EEOC has declared that the Gadsden flag, one of the flags of the American Revolution, constitution racial harassment.

The complaint was based on the fact that the flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden, a “slave trader and owner of slaves,” and for the fact that it was heavily used by the Tea Party, which promoted “white resentment against blacks.”

So, an obscure bit of historical trivia and a ridiculously false interpretation of recent events and another bit of American heritage is banished from the public sphere.

By this logic, handing a black man a twenty-dollar bill constitutes racial harassment, because it shows the image of a well-known slave owner. Apparently, when I gave alms to a homeless man, I was at one with the Klan.

But you know what? I don’t care. You understand? I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if the Gadsden flag, or the Confederate flag, or a twenty-dollar bill, or whatever else is technically ‘racist.’ I’m so sick of this nonsense. I’m sick of people striving to find an offensive interpretation of everything they happen to dislike. I’m sick of having my country’s history and heritage destroyed and defamed before my eyes.

And I’m especially sick of being told that I need to confess to crimes that I haven’t committed and beliefs that I’ve never held and have hardly ever even encountered. I only learned that there was such a thing as racism through learning that it was wrong. Practically the only thing I was taught all through my stint in public school was the evils of racism and the glories of the Civil Rights movement. My generation does not have racism as its besetting sin.

So you know what? I am officially tapped out of sympathy. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if you think someone’s acted racist towards you. I don’t care if you think a flag or a shirt is racist. I don’t care if you feel undervalued or marginalized or any of the other buzzwords. You have left the reasonable demand for basic courtesy behind long ago, and I’m not playing your game anymore.

To people like the man who sued his coworker for wearing the Gadsden flag, your ancestors earned undying glory by volunteering to fight in every American war even when they were legally second-class citizens. You can show some basic courtesy and not throw a childish tantrum because you don’t like someone’s hat.



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