Low-Effort Blogging: ‘What’s My Line’

I’m a big fan of the show What’s My Line, which ran from 1950-1967, which was all about a panel of contestants try to guess the occupations – the ‘line’ of a guest. Then the special ‘mystery guest’ round brought in a celebrity guest while the panel blindfolded themselves. This was often a highlight of the show, as a chance to see notable show business personalities kicking back and having fun (not to mention the often hilarious lengths they went to to disguise their voices).

For today’s low-effort blogging, here are a few notable guests:

Vincent Price
Walt Disney
Ed Wynn (sorry for the audio issues)
Jack Benny
And C. Charles Nash (not a mystery guest, since his face and normal voice weren’t well known…still aren’t, as a matter of fact)

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