Thought of the Day: On Uploading Consciousness

One of the tropes of modern materialist religion is the idea of a final ‘salvation’ for the elect via uploading their consciousnesses to some kind of supercomputer that would allow them to ‘live forever’ free of their imperfectly limited fleshy parts.

It’s rather hilariously absurd (even granting that such a thing is possible), because a moment’s thought should reveal that ‘living forever’ in this case is only ‘living until the computer breaks down’. That is, you’re simply trading one perishable body for another, one with perhaps a longer lifespan (though that’s hardly certain), but still very, very finite. You’ve not actually made any progress at all; you’ve simply kicked the can down the road. It’s like if a dog decided the secret to immortality was to become human (except that being human would be an actual improvement for the dog, as opposed to being a computer program).

One thought on “Thought of the Day: On Uploading Consciousness

  1. The other absurdity involved is that in “uploading,” like downloading, there is no actual transference; the source program is copied to the target device. One could do a black-humored vignette based on that: the protagonist is on his deathbed; the new robot body is wheeled in; the upload takes place; and the protagonist wakes up, still on his deathbed, while the robot waves goodbye and walks out the door.

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