Thrilling Adventure Stories

Tales of daring-do featuring bold heroes and heroines fighting evil, facing danger, and defying death in the cause of righteousness!


The Temple of the Night
Lady Emma Worthing is wealthy, beautiful, artistic, and the vainest woman in England. And she will let nothing deter her from finding and preserving precious works of art, not even a cursed temple that is said to be death for any to approach.

The Four Sleuths (Serial)

They’ve never met. They come from different walks of life. They are driven by different goals. Yet they all are determined to see justice done, and so, little by little, their paths begin to cross as they uncover a dastardly criminal conspiracy, while facing death at every turn.

1. Construction of Crime featuring Sarah Rockford
-A series of deadly and suspiciously convenient disasters leads idealistic reporter Sarah Rockford to ask whether someone didn’t manufacture the incidents purposefully. Her investigation might just lead to a conspiracy being uncover…or to her being buried.

2. Fire from Behind featuring Andre Fireson
-The theft of prototype weapons from his company causes unyielding businessman Andre Fireson to dive into the world of organized crime to try to save his family name. But what he finds may prove more malevolent and dangerous than he ever imagined.

3. Deadly Currents featuring Karen Stillwater
-A drug-war shoot out leaves a young man dead, and rookie detective Karen Stillwater thinks there’s more to the killing than meets the eye. But once she starts looking closer, she may end up in over her head.

4. The Man in Grey featuring Nick Windworth
-Small-time crook Nick “Breezy” Windworth is just trying to look out for himself. But when he accidentally intercepts a dastardly murder plot, he finds himself unexpectedly being drawn down a nobler path; one that may yet prove lethal.

5. The Crush of Evidence featuring Karen Stillwater and Nick Windworth
-Nick Windworth joins forces with the police to take down the ruthless Mistretta. But in order to get the evidence they need, Karen will have to go undercover and place herself completely in the gangster’s power.

6. Crime Uninvited featuring Sarah Rockford
-Following up on her last case, Sarah Rockford finds herself on the track of a far worse criminal; one armed with wealth and status and who has already killed to evade capture. To try to bring him to justice, she has to invite herself to his party and hope no one realizes she shouldn’t be there.

7. Necessary Evils featuring Andre Fireson
-Testing a potential new business client, Andre Fireson stumbles upon both a criminal conspiracy and a young reporter trying to expose it. When he learns that the crooks have her marked for death, he finds the only way to protect her is to be a little ruthless himself.

8. A Snare of Attraction featuring Andre Fireson and Sarah Rockford
-Sarah Rockford is alarmed to find herself waking up in strange mansion, until she meets her host, Andre Fireson. They pull their resources and determine to take what they know to the police. But with the criminals growing  bolder, their partnership – and their lives – may prove short.

9. Mate in Two featuring Sarah Rockford and Karen Stillwater
-The police are compromised. Detective Crane is arrested and Detective Stillwater barely escapes. Now a fugitive, Karen joins forces with Sarah Rockford to try to reach safety. But with both criminals and police on their tail, can the two women hope to escape?

10. Friends in Need featuring Andre Fireson and Nick Windworth
-Andre Fireson boldly arrives on the yacht of the drug lord Gallano. Unwilling to kill him, Gallano keeps him onboard as a ‘guest’. Only, Andre soon learns that he isn’t the first man to infiltrate Gallano’s yacht, as Nick Windworth is onboard as well. Their situation becomes urgent when word arrives that their friends are in mortal danger, but can the two men, trapped on a ship, come to their rescue in time?

11. The Mastermind featuring the Four Sleuths
-Now united in a common purpose, the four sleuths find themselves faced with two mysteries yet to be solved: the first regards the ominous ‘event’ scheduled to take place the following. The second is the identity of the unknown mastermind of the conspiracy. As they pool their skills and resources to discover the answer to these questions, they find themselves confronted with the darkest and deepest danger yet.

12. The Trap Closes featuring the Four Sleuths
-Captured, bound, and left facing death, the four sleuths find themselves in a seemingly inescapable trap. Can they possibly save themselves and the city? And what’s more, can they possibly trap the conspirators as well?

13. The Common Thread featuring the Four Sleuths
-Their plan foiled, the villains kidnap Karen and Sarah and hold them hostage in Andre’s mansion, demanding a way out of the country in exchange for their lives. With no intention of helping the criminals escape, Andre and Nick hatch a daring plan…but can they possibly outwit the Mastermind and bring the case to a successful conclusion at last? More importantly, will they all live to celebrate?

Other Stories

The Clown featuring Cosmo the Clown
-Frank Catelli is an expert kidnapper of rich children, but his latest crime brings him face-to-face with an enigmatic clown who doesn’t like what he’s been doing.