Meditating on the Good

I don’t know about you, but I find I have an unfortunate tendency to focus too much on evil. I read crime stories, books by criminologists and cops, blogs about self-defense and that’s not even counting the fictional evil that I find so unnervingly fascinating. I know I’m not alone in this either; how often have you heard people quoting the Joker from The Dark Knight over the past few years?

And yet, what we take into our minds has an incalculable effect on us, which means that a steady diet of evil cannot possibly be healthy. As Emerson said, “We become what we think about all day long.”

As a way of counteracting this unhealthy mental diet, I try to make myself spend time each day focusing on good things. I don’t just mean God, or Jesus, or Mary or the saints, though that’s of course part of it. I mean things that a beautiful, or honest, or innocent. Things that showcase real talent used well. Things that uplift rather than subvert.

So, I’m going to regularly post these things here as they strike me, in the hopes that they’ll uplift my readers as well (and so that I can have a chance to gush about things I like).

For this first entry, I’ll just go with something obvious; one of the most beautiful, haunting, and enigmatic songs of the latter twentieth century: Don McLean’s American Pie (The Day the Music Died).

I don’t have time right now to attempt to delve into the song, so just sit back and let the words and music wash about in your head.

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