7 Quick Takes Vol. 52

  1. One week to go! I’m excited, nervous, and, more than anything, thankful that I won’t have to deal with my work computer anymore. Really, that thing is a wonder to behold. About every couple hours or so it locks up tight and refuses to budge for several minutes, then runs fitfully for about a quarter hour afterwards. The later in the day we get, the more reliably it’s going to have a series of debilitating strokes; just to make sure I’m good and mad by the time I leave. Heck, for the last hour of the day or so there is really no point whatsoever to my staying at my desk, since my computer virtually doesn’t work. Ordinarily I’d ask for a new one, or try to get this one fixed, but since I’m only here for another week (and my replacement is getting a new computer) there doesn’t seem to be much point to that. So, I’m just going to suggest that they scrap it after I’m gone.
  1. You might have seen that I not only saw Cinderella last week, but that I’m absolutely over the moon about it. It’s probably going to end up on my all-time favorites list, at least in the ‘romance’ category. The only thing that could possibly make me happier is the fact that it’s been dominating the box office, which brings a ray of hope to my bitter, pessimistic little heart.
  1. Speaking of which, this week I officially made the call not to try online dating again, at least not anytime soon. In the first place, I was never comfortable with the idea of seeking a relationship at the same time that I’m casting myself adrift from the safe harbor of employment to try my hand in the open seas. In the second, I have what might be called a strong gut feeling that I’m not going to find my beloved through this particular process. I mean, maybe, but for sure not right now. What I’m looking for is so unique and so mysterious, even to me, that I doubt very much that I’d be able to indentify it by reading people’s profiles, but if I don’t see any indication of it, I wouldn’t bother contacting them. That probably makes no sense. The point is, my strategy at the moment is to simply pursue my own solitary aims and trust that God will reveal her to me when He’s good and ready. Though, I confess, it is frustratingly lonely in the meantime.
  1. I expect to be late posting the next chapter for Alpha Man this week, since I’m frantically trying to get my next Minecraft fan-fiction installment done in something approximating the agreed on time. That has to take priority, since I’ll actually be getting paid for these. Fortunately, the guy I’m writing for is very patient and understanding, so I don’t expect him to fire me if I don’t get it in quite on time. Between work and preparing for not working, there’s only so much time and energy left to write (which, again, is the reason for the not working thing). The good news on that score is that I (finally) actually know what the plot is about.
  1. I’ve learned that I am very difficult to fit for…well, anything really. I’m not especially tall, but I’m pretty broad and I guess I’m oddly proportioned in some was, so I usually end up with some degree of too small or too large clothing. This week I got fitted for some new athletic shoes (the only pare I had were quite literally falling apart). It took nearly an hour if trying different types where the shoe size was fine, but the shape of the shoe was somehow wrong for my foot. I ended up more or less compromising with a decent pair that wasn’t as sturdy as I might have liked, but they were the only ones that would fit.
  1. The shoes were my last big purchase (I hope). Now I’m pretty much all set and ready for my self-employment (I’m saying that rather than ‘unemployment’ because I am going to be working, just not for a steady paycheck). The tricky part is going to be collecting the habits that I’ll need to survive; at the moment, my work habits are frankly abysmal. I’m thinking some of that is the draining effect of the job, but I am going to have to be very strict with myself in at least the first few weeks of my self-employment. That’s the thing that’s really worrying me, more than the money question.
  1. Ending Quote:

“Well, what do you know. Here I am talking with some of the smartest people in the world, and I didn’t even notice!”

-Columbo: The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case

 We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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