I’m Back!

So, I haven’t blogged for a long time now. I wish I could say that I’ve been too busy, but the truth is, I’ve been too distracted. Some of that has been with actual work, most with just trying and failing to get myself to live the kind of life I want to.

The short version is that I’m not at all satisfied with my own conduct over the past month or so. I haven’t worked nearly as hard or as diligently as I should have and have allowed myself to become distracted far too often and too easily. I really find I have very little to show for myself at the end of two month’s self-employment.

But the good news is that, as this is and can be no one’s fault but mine, so it remains in my power to do better in the future, which is what I intend to do starting right now. As a first step, I’m going to commit to writing something on this blog every day this week. We’ll build from there.

So, what have I been doing? Well, I’ve got a couple of Elance jobs going on; writing Christian romance and Minecraft fan fiction. Both are pretty enjoyable, but I find I’m taking much too long on them, so I have to improve my output there. I’ve also been working on some personal projects, which are going even slower.

Then I’ve been trying to learn ‘Blender,’ something I intended to start weeks ago. It’s actually really fun when it works right. Seeing the beautiful, perfect little creations coming into being is a great feeling. I’ll start posting pictures from that once I have ones worth showing.

There! The necessary ‘return to blogging’ post is done! Now posting whatever comes to mind won’t feel so awkward.

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