Dueling Nights, Or the Internet Amateur Outdoes the Celebrity

As you know, I’m a big Minecraft fan. Now, something most non-Minecraft people don’t know is that the Minecraft community (for lack of a better word) loves to come up with songs about the game. Usually these are parodies of popular songs, but occasionally we get original ones. I’m serious; there are a lot of Minecraft songs out there: on YouTube you can find “Top 20” or even “Top 50” countdowns.

One that almost always shows up in the top ten of any countdown is called Don’t Mine at Night, which is a parody of Miss Katey Perry’s Last Friday Night. Meaning no offense to Miss Perry, but I actually think it’s a better song than the original.

Here’s the original:

Now here’s the Minecraft version:

See, I think Don’t Mine at Night is just a better song. It has stronger lyrics: it’s less repetitive, it flows better, and it doesn’t stretch for rhymes as much. The original version is basically a series of random thoughts set to music: Don’t Mine is also a little random, but more coherent and better structured. One lyric transitions into the next better than in Miss Perry’s version.

Anyway, that’s what I think, possibly influenced by the fact that A. I heard Don’t Mine at Night before I heard Last Friday Night and B. I’m more comfortable with a song about the disasters that befall in Minecraft than I am with a song about how much fun it is to do really stupid and degrading things, be it oh so catchy.

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