Wes Craven RIP

I intend to have an update explaining my lack of blogging up soon, but first I must report sad news from the film world. Wes Craven, one of the great directors of modern horror and creator of one of my own personal favorite films, A Nightmare on Elm Street, has passed away at the age of 76 of brain cancer.

Mr. Craven’s first film was the, ah, ‘controversial’ (polite way of saying ‘utterly disgusting’) The Last House on the Left, followed by The Hills Have Eyes and Swamp Thing (a gloriously campy piece of schlock) before achieving his magnum opus with A Nightmare on Elm Street, a film that was only prevented from being perhaps the finest horror movie of all time by a truly atrocious ‘twist’ ending (which was apparently forced on Craven by the studio, who wanted a series). Unfortunately, Mr. Craven never quite achieved those heights again, though he continued to make innovative and intelligent horror films, including the horror-comedy Scream and its sequels.

Mr. Craven was a talented and creative director with a unique style and a sophisticated sense of humor. Though his greatest work was behind him, he will always be remembered and honored wherever the horror genre is appreciated.


Eternal rest grant unto him, oh, Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Forgive him his trespasses and may he rest in peace.

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