So, this has been a crazy month and a half or so for me. I travelled to Maine and New Jersey to visit friends and family (respectively). I got a job as a security guard, which I enjoyed, but didn’t care for the irregular hours, locations, and lack of work. So I got a different job as a barista at the local coffee shop. That job is a lot steadier and more rewarding, though unfortunately I’m getting a cold as we speak, which makes the job rougher.

Oh, and I also moved from my old apartment to a smaller, studio apartment across the courtyard. The studio is cozy and compact and I’m really glad for the change. Plus I’ve got a murphy bed, which is something I’ve wanted ever since I first saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And various old comedies. There is so much slapstick potential with a murphy bed.

Anyway, with the new job and apartment, things are finally settling down to a nice routine and I’m actually getting things done again. I’m writing on a schedule now, practicing violin regularly, and I’ve started to learn drawing. Once my health clears up and I get more comfortable in my job, I’ll feel nicely settled. Unless something goes wrong, I expect to be blogging much more often in the near future.

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