My Response to the Paris Attacks

First, of course, to pray for the victims, their families, and the whole of Western Culture which is under siege.

Second to note the obvious fact that we are at war with an enemy that makes no distinction between soldiers and civilians. We need to look to our own defense. Not America, or even France, though of course they need to wake up to the fact that they’re under attack. I mean all of us; individual men and women. We need to arm ourselves and be prepared. France has atrocious gun laws, but we, fortunately, largely retain our right to bear arms. We need to use it.

Don’t get me wrong: that’s not a long-term solution. But I don’t have anything to do with long-term solutions except in praying for them. It isn’t a solution at all: it’s a response. This is the world we live in today: a world in which there are a great number of people who are willing to commit brutal acts of violence against non-combatants as part of a religious war that half the world wants to pretend isn’t happening. In that kind of world, personal defense is vital. That is how we, individual men and women, should respond.

This was a wake-up call. There will be others. We need to be ready.

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