Pray and Buy a Gun

My first thought on hearing the news of the shooting in Orlando was “Well, that was entirely predictable.”

Think about it: on one hand, we encourage people to embrace, express, and celebrate perverse desires that most cultures and most (I think all, but I’m not clear on that) major religions consider depraved and sinful. Then, at the same time, we do our level best to court the favor of the most violent and fanatical religion on the planet by refusing to acknowledge its crimes and inviting refugees and immigrants to flood the West in huge numbers with no attempt at cultural assimilation.

What, exactly, did we think was going to happen?

You can’t simultaneously encourage unhindered hedonism and absolute multicultural tolerance and expect everything to just work out, because guess what? We’re the only ones who think hedonism and perversion are unalienable rights!

Here I suppose I need to clarify something: my tolerance is completely tapped out and I have zero approval for the gay lifestyle (though my revulsion is mostly directed at the people who encourage those tempted to homosexuality to embrace that lifestyle, while shielding them from anything that might allow them either to understand the dangers of that lifestyle or to seek help). I would be very pleased to learn that such institutions as ‘gay nightclubs’ had vanished from the earth. But I would much rather that that nightclub had continued to exist for years to come than for that murdering human garbage to have harmed a single patron. I despise the so-called ‘gay culture’ and the people and institutions who encourage it, but I loathe violent crime far, far more.

I said last time that we’re in a war, which we are. This was yet another illustration of my point that this is a war in which there are no non-combatants. The thing is, though, that we not only refuse to acknowledge that we’re at war, but we invite the enemy right into our lap while, at the same time, flaunting exactly the thing he hates most in his face.

Yet, we’re somehow surprised when things like this happen

I mean, I don’t think we should do either: we shouldn’t be encouraging people to embrace perverse, hedonistic desires, and we shouldn’t shut our eyes to the dangers of Islam. But to try to do both is simply insane, and it’s getting people killed!

Since I’m on a roll, prediction wise, I’ll venture to say that this isn’t going to be the last such attack. Things will only get worse for the foreseeable future. The war will escalate until we finally admit that we’re in it.

Pray and buy a gun.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. Forgive them their trespasses, and may they rest in peace.

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