Ladies and Gentlemen, This is What A Disarmed Society Looks Like

Sweden, I understand, has some of the worst rates of sexual assault of any nation in Europe. I’ll pass by speculating on why that might be, because at the moment the Swedish government’s response to the problem is more interesting.

After sagely noting that “no one should have to accept sexual molestation,” Sweden’s national police chief, Dan Eliasson, announced that the Swedish government planned to combat sexual assault by…handing out wristbands that say “Don’t Touch Me.”

“By wearing these wristbands,” said Mr. Eliasson. “Young women will be able to make a stand.” If by “make a stand” he means “be further humiliated by having the government treat them like first graders,” then I agree with him.

What the Hell is the thinking here? Does the Swedish government think that a man who would grope a woman’s breasts in public would suddenly change his mind when he sees a little “don’t touch me” sign on the woman’s wrist? “Well, I was going to sexually assault this woman, but the wristband tells me that she doesn’t want to be touched, so I guess that’s out.” Why not put up signs at banks saying, “Don’t rob us!” Or signs at the airport saying, “Don’t be a terrorist!” I mean, if it’s that easy, why stop at preventing sexual assault? All we have to do to end all crime is to hang up notices saying “don’t be a criminal.”

Because, obviously, if a man is assaulting a woman, he just doesn’t realize that she doesn’t want him to assault her. Once he understands that, he will behave like a perfect gentleman.

Also, I can’t help wondering whether an attacker would even notice the wristband. I’m not familiar with the breed, but I suspect that the average rapist doesn’t have much interest in seeing what causes his victim supports.

I’d expect this sort of willful idiocy from an elementary school; they’d at least have the excuse of dealing with little kids who might conceivably be influenced by such ridiculous tactics. For a police chief to recommend that women protect themselves from sexual assault by wearing wristbands would be considered criminal malpractice in a sane society.

(By the way, while discussing the causes of the epidemic, the chief cited “Masculinity.” I guess he agrees with George Bailey’s maid, Annie, that all children should be girls.)

Did I mention that Sweden has some of the strictest gun control laws on Earth?

This is the kind of thing that happens when citizens are disarmed. They have no effective means of protecting themselves and the authorities, unwilling to address the elephant in the room, desperately try to come up with an alternative solution. Suggesting that women wear little signs that say “Please do not assault me” may just be the nadir of such tactics (though I remember an American university recommending that women poop or vomit to discourage attackers), but the same mindset runs through all ‘gun control’ positions: we can’t trust you with weapons, so you just have to hope you never need to defend yourself.

Idiotic events like this further demonstrate that ‘Gun control’ is a mixture of insulting paternalism and wishful thinking bordering on insanity. This, not the violence-free utopia imagined by anti-gun activists, is what a disarmed society looks like: women are assaulted in droves, and the best the authorities can recommend in response is a stupid, cheap publicity stunt.


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