Why People Hate Religion

It seems to me the chief objection to religion always boils down to this: that it has the effrontery to claim to be true.

People say they dislike religion for being dogmatic: that is, they dislike it for claiming to speak honestly and truthfully about real things. (Dogma, after all, only means “that which is held to be true”).

People dislike religion for being moralistic: that is, they don’t like the fact that it claims to actually be able to tell right from wrong with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

People dislike religion for being ritualistic: that is, they dislike it for daring to say that its actions have meaning and purpose.

What people don’t like about religion, therefore, is simply the fact that it is religion: that it presumes to clarify where obscurity would be much more convenient.

One thought on “Why People Hate Religion

  1. The new chief paganism is subjectivism, and has been gaining strength for years now. People are uncomfortable with the idea that there are such things as divine truth or universal morality, as you suggest. So they elevate their own feelings and perspectives as being supreme.


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