Friday Flotsum

  1. So, my plans to blog more often have been flogging a little. See, I actually have some stress / emotional problems that I’m working through, so my resolutions don’t always translate to reality. I think I’m getting better, though; slowly but surely.
  2. One of those problems? Insomnia. Which is why I’m writing this at 8 AM after going to bed at midnight and mostly just dozing.
  3. As far as the Noblesnake video reviews go, I delayed the Zulu review because I wasn’t very satisfied with how Land Before Time turned out and wanted to rethink my approach. I’m making the videos shorter, more condensed (i.e. I don’t talk about everything; just the main points), and I talk a lot faster. I’m already much happier with Zulu, and that should be released sometime this weekend once I finish editing.
  4. Working on a few spec essays: one idea I’m working on drawing out is that the modern world is not fundamentally different from the past. That is, socially and structurally it’s different, but the basic elements aren’t. Computers, for instance, are, at the end of the day, nothing more than complicated printing presses with extra features. The only difference between sending someone a letter and sending them a message on Twitter is how long it takes. I think understanding this is fundamental for escaping the pitfalls of modern life.
  5. Last week’s episode of My Little Pony was really good. We’ve had a streak of mostly very strong episodes lately, but this one was extra specially charming. The stories they tell were great (Rarity’s was my favorite), it had a good lesson about making the best of adversity, and Rainbow Dash in particular was in top form throughout.  Rainbow_Dash_tenderly_picks_up_Scootaloo_S7E16.png
  6. After the cuteness, let’s have some beauty to close us out:
    The Empty Chair

    “The Empty Chair” by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes


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