Chasing Nobility

One way or another, I’ve been feeling pressured to get on with my life. That, of course, is a good thing, since I really ought to be getting on with my life. For one reason or another, though, I haven’t made much progress.

So, partly to spur myself on in this direction and partly just because the subject interests me, I’ve started a new blog dedicated entirely to the purpose of trying to live well and make the most of my life. It’s called Chasing Nobility, and it’s going to be a kind of journal of my efforts to develop in virtue and get my life back on track, as well as a description of my own discoveries and ideas on the subject.

I’m keeping this blog open, of course, as an outlet for more general writing and so on. Chasing Nobility is specifically for my thoughts and experiences with trying to live well and grow in virtue.

Take a look and see what you think.

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