5 Impossible Things

Found this video drifting around YouTube:

Assuming any of these things are actually true (when you’re looking at something lightyears away you will forgive me if I don’t absolutely buy that you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing).

  1. Two Shadows: Okay, this is pure padding. Multiple shadows happen all the time on the Earth, any time you have two or more light sources. Give me a break here. Also, I don’t know if this has ever actually happened, but theoretically if you had a very bright full Moon and Venus was at her closest approach to the Earth on a clear night, you could have multiple shadows without manmade light.
  2. Ice-7: Oh, yeah; that’s cool! Super-pressurized water that solidifies into  warm ice. Lot of pointless speculation about what might live in the planet-wide ocean, though (so, basically we’ve found Manaan from Knights of the Old Republic).
  3. Rock-Clouds that rain lava: And the rock condenses to stone before it hits the ground. Here on Earth we need poltergeists to create that kind of effect! Also, I want to know what a rock-cloud looks like.
  4. 2 km Per-second winds that rain glass: I have to work a glass storm into a story somewhere. It’s such a great image.
  5. Flying on Titan: Yep, knew about that. In one of my many works in progress I even have people on Titan developing an air-borne sport to take advantage of this (they are also extremely fragile and physically weak compared to other people and tend to be the best pilots since they learn to fly almost as soon as they learn to walk. Maybe I’ll finish that story one of these days).

3 thoughts on “5 Impossible Things

    • Yep, played KOTOR. Several times It’s easily my favorite ‘Star Wars’ story outside the original trilogy (thought about including it on my ‘Star Wars’ rundown, but one, it’s too big and too long and two, I didn’t want to stray too far from theatrical films).

      HK: “We could start by slaughtering everyone in this building, master. Would that be impressive?”
      T3: “Beep-beep-boop?”
      HK: “No, I don’t mean us too!”

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      • XD Dang, I never opened up that bit of dialogue! I’m going to have to play the game again!

        Yeah, KOTOR would have been too big for a rundown. Someone would probably have to write a series of articles on it to cover everything. It’s a really good story, though; I loved playing it, too. And it has an impressive ultimate weapon that is not a Death Star knock-off. 😉 Did you ever play the Kyle Katarn games?


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