Batman: The Terror pt. 1: The First Night

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It seemed a night like any other in Gotham City, when word reached Batman of a death: one of the city’s rogues found brutally murdered. Then comes word of another. And another. A new terror is stalking Gotham, preying upon the city’s supervillains. But who is it? And what do they want?

Read the thrilling first installment here.

Parts Two and Three to follow.

2 thoughts on “Batman: The Terror pt. 1: The First Night

  1. Ah, joy! At last, BobTanaka posts a fanfic that I’m wholly qualified to read! (I don’t generally bother to read stories based on material I haven’t read or watched, and, while “My Little Pony” is the exact opposite of that – cf. the attached link, or for that matter some of my other comments here – the Godzilla movies are a closed book to me. Though I suppose that might change if you ever end up doing that Heisei recap we once talked about…)

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