2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Reading this, I’m afraid I had the same reaction as I did upon learning how it was one of the great moments of Albert Einstein’s life when he realized that the gravitational field had the dimensions of acceleration. That reaction being, “Well… yes, of course. Wasn’t that obvious from the nature of the subject?” I think I was assuming from the outset – was this a misunderstanding? – that the untrustworthiness of existing authority figures *was* the current situation to which solutions were desired: “We can’t have a common society unless we can trust our neighbors, and we can’t do that so long as a significant percentage of the populace accepts at face value the authority of those whose deeds and words are not restrained by truth; what, then, is to be done?”

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    • Quite so. You and I understand that, but I find most of the people I speak to today don’t. So many of them are eager to say ‘well, but such-and-such a problem is so bad we *need* the authorities to step in and fix it’ (ignoring both what you correctly identify as the main issue at hand and the fact that their judgment of the state of these problems comes from those same untrustworthy leaders they want to give a free reign to).

      I should probably have used ‘any of our current problems’ – meaning big tech abuses, the commie cough, environmental problems, social breakdown, etc. – in place of ‘the current situation.’


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