Now Available: ‘The Walk Home and Other Tales of Suspense’

I’m pleased to announce that The Walk Home: And Other Tales of Suspense is now officially available for purchase in Kindle or paperback!

From the back cover:

Seven short tales to tingle the nerves and chill the blood:

  • The Walk Home: Stranded at a roadhouse, independent-minded Kathy decides to try to make her way home on foot by cutting through a state park. As the night wears on, she increasingly regrets the decision.
  • The Final Performance: A magician’s assistant plans on staging a disappearing act from her employer / boyfriend. All she has to do, so she thinks, is make it through one last show.
  • Vengeance of the Storm: As a thunderstorm looms, a man plots a particularly cold-blooded murder, convinced that he’s accounted for every possible detail.
  • Cat’s Smile: Nagged and bullied by his hypochondriac wife, Walden finds himself wishing he could come home and find her dead…

And three more stories of murder, revenge, betrayal – and above all suspense.


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