Thought of the Day: On Breaking Laws

When you break the law, you do not in fact find chaos. You find older, stronger laws. This is true whether the law be of man, God, or nature.

All created things that we know of are composite beings, formed of smaller natures set in a particular relation to each other. A car, for instance, is made of metal, glass, rubber, wires, and so on combined in such a way to produce the new thing. Specifically, a vehicle that burns gasoline to turn wheels and propel itself under the direction of a driver.

As I say, a car is composed of metal, glass, rubber, and so on. But the car is not just the metal, glass, rubber etc., nor do these things cease to be when they become part of a car. Instead, the car’s nature and character is dependent upon their continuing to be what they are.

But then, say the car ceases to function as a car; that the form breaks and the component elements are no longer in right relation to each other. Then it does simply become a pile of metal, glass, rubber, etc. and it will behave as such.

Break man-made laws, and you find nature. Break nature, you find a deeper and more fundamental nature. A man’s body is fundamentally that of an animal. He must eat. But if he seeks to eat something his body is not suited for, breaking the laws of the animal world, he will find himself to be, even more fundamentally, a collection of chemicals, which will act according to their own laws to his destruction. If he will act like a beast, a beast he will be. If he will not even act as a beast, then a pile of chemical reactions is what he shall be.

At no point will you find chaos as such; only deeper and more primal laws being asserted. And at the very bottom, most fundamental such rebellion, you run up against the most fundamental law of all:

“Who is like unto God?”

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