Black Friday / Cyber Monday Recommendations

It is now time to think seriously about buy Christmas presents for all the leech-like parasites people we love. If you’re here, then many of you probably have readers, or film lovers, or sci-fi enthusiasts on your list.

With that in mind, I’ve got a few recommendations for you to consider.

First of all, and I’m sure you won’t begrudge me the position, are my own works!

Just came out: A Gentleman Instructed in the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life

For the historically minded would-be gentleman in your life, this is a must have! Freshly edited, with footnotes and a handy compilation of the author’s best and most astute sayings.

Perseus Corbett and the Forbidden Valley

In a very special deal, this rollicking adventure novel will be available completely free in the Kindle edition starting November 24th (Thanksgiving) through cyber-dystopia Monday, November 28th.

Another exciting announcement; for anyone who wants to read the book, but has qualms about supporting Amazon, it is now available for sale through Lulu. Unfortunately, it’s considerably more expensive over there (nothing I can do about that I’m afraid), but you can rest assured that none of the money goes to the rainforest of lies.

The Ten Commandments of Murder

Cozy mystery featuring the first appearance of Malachi Burke. This new review will tell you why you might enjoy this one.

The Wisdom of Walt Disney

My first published work (well, first one that’s still available) is a must-own for the classic Disney fan in your life.

The Walk Home and Other Tales of Suspense

A quick, tasty collection of hair-raising tales of murder, danger, and above all suspense!


Now that that’s out of the way, here are some other worthwhile suggestions:

In Dreams and Other Stories

See my review for why you should get this one. Perfect gift for the classic sci-fi fan.

The Monster Men

E.R. Burrough’s typically thrilling and romantic take on the Frankenstein idea, set in the jungles of southeast Asia and featuring all his usual tropes, plus some reasonably solid musings on man and nobility.

Rendezvous With Rama

From Arthur C. Clarke, a fascinating classic sci-fi tale about first contact with an enormous alien ship. Features typical 70s sci-fi social nonsense and characters you’ll forget as soon as it’s over, but gloriously rich ideas and imagery that’ll stick with you for years to come.

Maxims of Christian Chivalry

Choice selections from Kenhelm Digby’s enormous magnum opus, The Broad Stone of Honour, this more digestible volume serves as an indispensable introduction to the ideals of Chivalry.

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

Dr. Johnson’s travel book of his 1773 tour of the Hebrides, laced through with the great man’s astute observations, warmth of feeling, and inimitable personality.

(Note: this edition, like most, also includes Boswell’s account of the journey, which I haven’t read yet, but feel pretty confident in recommending. Boswell writes about Johnson is usually a pretty safe bet)

Set All Afire

Part novel, part history, this book by Louis de Wohl provides a fascinating and inspiring look at St. Francis Xavier and, through him, the origins of the Jesuit Order (back when it was, you know, good).

Full disclosure, I haven’t finished yet, but I feel pretty safe in recommending.


And finally, here are some movie recommendations for any cinemaphiles in your life from things I’ve seen over the past year (with links to my reviews if applicable):

Apollo 13
The Thing (1982)Review
12 Angry MenReview
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932)Review
The Dish
The Greatest Game Ever PlayedReview
Sing 2Review

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