A Legendary Performer Behind the Scenes

Anyone with a decent knowledge of films of the 80s and 90s will recognize a particular actor who showed up regularly in a wide variety of movies, acting alongside luminaries like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Steven Segal, Daryl Hannah, Bruce Willis, and Don Ameche. Apart from one starring performances and one or two times playing the main villain, he usually took on fairly brief roles as a secondary antagonist, but you always recognized him. He was the nine-and-a-half-foot tall, hirsute one.

I’m referring, of course, to the legendary Bart the Bear.

I found a few fun videos of Bart when he wasn’t acting; once when he put in an appearance at the Oscars (no, he wasn’t accepting an award, though there was a small campaign to try get him nominated once. No, that’s not a joke; it really happened), and another time when he was messing around with his training while trying to film a commercial. Really, if he’s this clownish on set, you have to wonder how they ever got those great performances out of him.

I thought this one was extra funny just for how insane it is to see a guy having a bear nibbling his face without caring.

Something I learned by the way; bears only roar when they’re very angry. So, when you see bears roaring in the movies, those scenes are always dubbed (either that, or the actors are really earning their paychecks).

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