TCM Remembers – 2022

The big one for me, of course, is Akira Takarada; the last major player, either in front of or behind the camera, from the original Godzilla. He was a mainstay of the series ever since, and I’ll always be sorry that his cameo in the 2014 film was cut.

Other notables include, of course, the great Sydney Poitier, Disney mainstay Angela Lansbury, Robbie Coltrane, David Warner (who had up until now been a standing “Oh, he’s still alive!” example), and character actor Nehemiah Persoff, who was 102 years old and probably best known as Papa Mouse in the American Tail films and for his role in Some Like It Hot (“Some say, HE’S GETTING A LITTLE TOO BIG FOR HIS SPATS! But I say, he’s alright”).

UPDATE: Also want to note TV and western regular Clu Gulager, who showed up twice on MST3k (both in TV movies) and whom the Brains themselves complimented as a very good actor and a highlight of both.

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2 thoughts on “TCM Remembers – 2022

    • Another role of his I remember was as the corrupt theater owner who gets murdered by Jack Cassidy in the “Now You See Him…” episode of ‘Columbo’ (a lot of people got murdered by Jack Cassidy on that program).

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