Friday Flotsam: Mostly About Giving Notice

1. So, over last weekend I made the decision to quit my current job. I have enough money and do not have any dependents, so staying on for a paycheck just didn’t seem worth it. What I’m going to do next is kind of undecided, except that I’m definitely going to be writing more. In any case, this week has been drearily drifting along waiting for the two weeks to be up, and I expect next week to be the same. But it will be a relief to be done at least.

2. My sympathies to anyone else in tech support; I don’t know how you stand it. Having to explain why something doesn’t work in as positive a manner as possible; giving unhelpful answers to unhappy customers regarding something you have no control over.

Everyone else, try to be kind to your support people, however unhelpful they seem to be. Theirs is a hard lot.

3. Incidentally, nothing over the past week has made me regret the choice at all.

4. Going to a Catholic Men’s Conference in Cincinnati this weekend, mostly as a chance to hang out with friends down that way, but also there sound like to be some good speakers. The actor who played Jesus in The Chosen is a keynote speaker, along with Archduke Christian von Hapsburg-Lorraine, the rightful Emperor of the West. So…yeah. That’s a lineup.

5. When my Mom found out about the lineup she said, “did you know Jesus is going to be there?” my initial response was “Well, yeah, there’s a Mass, so…” It took me a second to realize what she meant.

6. The more I see of AI Art, the more my eyes start going straight to the sloppy bits.

7. I’m realizing that I am conflict-averse to a probably-unhealthy degree; I have a kind of deep-set assumption that any argument or dispute will herald the end of the relationship, or at least painful recriminations. Gonna try to work on that going forward.

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