3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. The Magic School Bus appalled me. You need a witch-equivalent to teach ‘science’? A tiny amount of science was spoon fed between goofy non-sequiturs meant to entertain. Like the salad bars at McDonalds, the science is there to make the suckers feel better about ordering junk food.

    I imagine the students spending the rest of their schooling waiting around for someone to entertain them and hand our gold stars.

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    • “I sold my soul for a school bus that could warp reality itself in the name of teaching science, and at the end of it, not one of my students could pass biology 101.”

      It’s the ‘Bill Nye’ approach to science, which amounts to “here are the facts; good people don’t question them.”

      But it’s part of my childhood and I can’t help but enjoy it.


    • Sir, much as I hate to defend anything that fits just fine into the popular view of science as itself quasi-magic in attitude, you do realize this is a TV show and aimed at grade school children at that? And, that for anything it lacks* we ought to be far more appalled that people make it out of high school and even college with no better understanding from their education?

      *(About which I will gloss over so as to avoid writing a longer comment than the original post, being familiar at least in passing both with the moderate-realist / Christian philosophy & logic behind the method, and with the history of the theories that didn’t pan out in order to get us to the trivia now commonly taught as “science”, plus with one or two hypotheses still disputed even now.)

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