Second and Third Render: Those Nights

So, after being pretty pleased with how the first render came out, I decided to try to tackle creating a specific image that I had in mind (rather than messing about and seeing what came out). This ended up requiring two renders, one for the left, one for the right, and of course the creation of a second character. I also did a bit of face and hair adjustments on the first character to give her a bit more of an individual look. Then some post-production work in Gimp.

Here’s the result:

Image inspired by this song from Skillet (in my head I imagine it as a duet version, but I couldn’t find one).

Once again, any feedback would be appreciated, especially from any real artists in the audience.

First Render

For a long time I’ve been intending, even anxious, to take up 3D modelling. I’ve got a lot of visual ideas in my brain that I want to bring into existence. I’ve been too busy with job hunting and trying to prepare for that to devote any time to the art, however. But over the last few days I allowed myself to sit down with a few tutorials and produce my first render in DAZ Studio.

Here’s the result.

If there are any actual artists (3D or otherwise) in the audience who would care to offer feedback, I’d be glad to have it.