Quote of the Day

From a Bill Whittle video from a few years back, this line perfectly describes the state of our society.

“Young people today and Millennials in particular have only been taught what to think and never how to think.”

That’s exactly what we’re seeing, and what is the result of our education system: a generation that has received all its knowledge phonetically. They know the sounds, not the meaning. That’s why they’re convinced by arguments such as likening judging someone based on their race with questioning someone’s sexual habits, or that ascribing an unpleasant label to an idea is the same as refuting it by logic: as long as it can be made to sound similar, they have been taught to think it must be similar.

One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Related: that the name is the thing. if you call someone a Nazi, or a bill Affordable Care Act, why, they ARE a Nazi and it IS affordable care! To defend someone called a Nazi is to defend Nazism; to oppose the Affordable Care Act is to deny people medicine.

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