Catholic Match Post on Knowing Your Date’s Career

My latest post is up at ‘Catholic Match,’ about the importance of knowing what you’re getting into with your significant other’s career.

The simple fact is that some careers are harder on relationship than others; some jobs simply require long hours, an unpredictable schedule, high stress, and a deep commitment.

There’s really nothing anyone can do about that; the nature of the job is what it is. If you fall in love with a man with this kind of career, you will have challenges that not everyone has to face.

(Obviously, the same thing applies for men falling for women with this kind of career).

For instance, police officers often say their job is a ‘marriage killer’ due to the combination of stress, long hours, irregular shift, and frequent overtime. Doctors too often find their shifts run long or they’re required to come in for extra work.

Similar issues emerge, to a greater or lesser degree, with military personnel, truckers, and emergency workers, among others. A person in these professions is going to be cancelling a lot of dates, missing a lot of holidays, and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ through a phone more often than not.

As I say, this is just the nature of the job, but it’s important to be aware of this before you get married.

Read the rest here.

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