‘Lovely People’

A friend put me onto this graphic novel / webcomic, all about the workings of a social credit system as experienced by a trio of bunnies. It’s really quite well done and an excellent dissection of, well, just how horribly abusive such a system is or would be, and the power and dangers of horizontal social pressure in general (horizontal pressure is when rules are enforced primarily by the people around you instead of ‘vertically’ by ruling authorities. It’s a whole topic in itself, but this gives a good crash course in the dynamics).

Anyway, I recommend you check it out; it’s not too long and features some solid writing, very good artwork with a ton of detail, and spot-on satire (I think Influencer Bunny in particular is going to be imprinted on my brain as an archetype). Enjoy!

One thought on “‘Lovely People’

  1. Now I’m thinking I need to look into the original Social Credit – you know, the economic theories of Clifford Douglas. Not because of any burning curiosity about the price-income gap, but because, when the devil starts referring to one of his pet projects by the name of something else, it’s usually something that he has good reason to fear people knowing about. (Gaiety springs to mind.)

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