A New Miracle?

So, it seems there are reports coming in of a new Eucharistic Miracle in Guadalajara, Mexico. The story is that, during Adoration, the Host was seen to beat like a living heart for about thirty seconds.

Cell phone cameras captured the event.

The full report is here.

As with all reports of miracles, we mustn’t be too quick to pass judgment here one way or another. Looking at the footage it appears strange to me; not like a normal host, but more like flesh or cloth. But then, the footage only shows the host during the alleged event, so presumably it wouldn’t look normal. According to the priest who reported the event, the people who recorded the event gave him their cell phones immediately (the fact that the footage begins in the midst of the event lends some credence to the story, since why would they be filming before it started?).

So, I don’t know what to make of this at the moment, except that 1). That the Sacred Heart of Jesus beats with love for Mankind is undeniable and a truth to be kept firmly in mind and 2). Remember that you can witness a Eucharistic Miracle every day simply by attending Mass.

In any case, take it as a chance to meditate on the love of Christ and the inestimable gift of the Blessed Sacrament.

Here’s some more commentary on the event (don’t know the priest at all, but his comments seem fitting)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us; make our hearts like unto Thine.

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