Walt Disney Gets the All Clear

I’m delighted to announce that The Wisdom of Walt Disney paperback edition has been cleared of all wrongdoing and is back up and available to buy on Amazon. Pick up your copy today to see what they didn’t want you to see!

Apologies to everyone who’ve been waiting for that update I promised “in a few days”. What happened was this:

When I got the notice from Amazon, I sent a reply asking what, specifically, they thought was in violation of their policy. In response, I received word that it had, after all, passed review and would be back up soon. That sounded good, so I gave the ‘wait and see’ update.

Well, a day or two later and my author bookshelf reported it live and available for purchase. I nearly sent out the all clear, but decided to double-check. Good thing I did, because the link to see the book on Amazon led to ‘Page Not Found’. I tried re-publishing the book, thinking maybe that was necessary after a ban, but nope; same thing. So I ventured to contact Amazon’s help desk.

Fun fact: they don’t actually read your emails. I sent three increasingly annoyed notices detailing the problem (including screenshots), and every single time I got the same form letter response letting me know that the book was live and available for purchase and to check my details page (that is, my author bookshelf: the thing I expressly told them was saying it was available).

Finally I tried their live chat (which hadn’t been available when I first found the problem), and that, at last, managed to get the message through. I’ve confirmed that it’s back up and available. Lesson learned: email is a waste of time, go straight to live chat.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

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