An Inspiring (?) Song

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, a rollicking, inspirational musical number can give you a much needed injection of spirit, telling you that you can do anything.

And sometimes…well, sometimes you just want to push as hard as you can in the opposite direction.

Or maybe that’s just me, but I think the song is funny anyway.

(Also, it does kind of embody the attitude of the current culture: “Oh, it’s wonderful that you have big dreams! Now shut up and join our Borg-like society.”)

And in all seriousness, when your feeling down and discouraged, it actually can help to stop resisting the bad thoughts and instead embrace an exaggerated, extreme caricature of them. This both makes them ridiculous and acts as a challenge. Okay, so you’re feeling discouraged. Are you gonna give up them? Accept the hopeless white-collar consumerist lifestyle? No? Then stop whining.

By the way, I know almost nothing of the musical or the film it’s based on, except that I like a couple songs from it (this one and ‘Stick it the Man’ are both pretty good).

2 thoughts on “An Inspiring (?) Song

    • As I say, I haven’t seen the film, but my understanding of the plot is: Jack Black is a would-be rock-star who gets a job teaching music at a snooty prep school, introduces the kids into the world of rock and rebellion, and leads them in a music competition.

      So, yeah, basically the non-parody version of “The Baljeetles.”


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