Because This Is the Way My Mind Works

Two eccentric British geniuses equipped with box-like vehicles with which they go on mind-twisting adventures, but who can pierce the madness to emerge as king of the world of pure imagination?

Overall, I’d peg the Doctor to win, as having far more experience as well as superior technology (e.g. time travel). But I think Wonka’s reality-bending inventions, not to mention his army of obedient servants, would at least let him put up a decent fight.

(Though come to think of it, the Doctor’s weakness for jelly-bellies could potentially prove his Achilles’s Heel in this particular fight).

9 thoughts on “Because This Is the Way My Mind Works

    • Agree that’s the most likely outcome, and probably the most entertaining, but sometimes you just want to see two characters throw down.

      “Surely it would be more rational if conversation were to be the order of the evening.”
      “Much more rational, but much less like a versus battle.”

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      • Indeed, but is it *really* in character for John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, to spend more than a few paragraphs fist-fighting the King of Aquilonia before they figure out they’re on the same side, basically, and team up to go rescue the girls (there’s ALWAYS girls to go rescue, there’s your plot for you.)

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  1. My money is definitely on the Doctor…. But it is *very* easy to see those two sitting down to sip hot chocolate after the fight, chatting and laughing as they share stories about their adventures.

    I think that makes it more fun, actually.

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  2. Am I a spoilsport for wanting to know what, exactly, they would be fighting about? With the last one of these you did, I could imagine Saitama and Maple just going at it for the sheer sport of it, because that’s the kind of characters they are (as I understand it, though I have no direct knowledge of either). But neither Wonka nor the Doctor really rolls that way, and, for the life of me, I can’t think of a substitute motivation that would really answer. I could see the Daleks and the Vermicious Knids going to war, yes, but not their respective antagonists.

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    • “I’ve only a few minutes left to stop the Sugarians before they become unstoppable! Good thing that I’ve tracked them to their hideaway; the greatest concentration of sugar on the planet…”
      “Sorry, sir; invitations only; may I see your ticket?”
      “Apologies, no time to explain!”
      “Pity…” *cocks rock-candy shotgun* “Watch and learn, Charlie.”

      Thin, yes, but enough for the purposes of sparking a fun versus battle.

      (And in answer to your question…a little).

      Also, I will admit that I did also think of Vermicious Knids vs. Daleks…though I think the Daleks would win easily.
      “Daleks have no concept of ‘scram’!”

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      • Hmm… maybe. Though, if we’re taking that route, I think I could actually do you one better. Say the TARDIS materializes somewhere in the depths of the factory, and the Doctor, as he’s poking around, spots a malign infestation of some alien presence, and concludes that the only way to save the planet is to destroy the whole factory immediately. Only, Wonka was alerted to his arrival, and arrives in the Elevator just as he’s setting the bomb, leading to a straightforward fist fight between the two outlandish explorers (with Oompa-Loompas swarming Leela to keep her busy, which would probably be the most fun part to watch).

        And this is why it’s important to know the context, because, in this scenario, I think my money would actually be on Wonka. After all, he has home-court advantage and the element of surprise, plus he’s presumably going in with at least a general plan. (I see him luring the Doctor into the Elevator, and then stunning him just long enough to press the Minusland button, jump out, and lock the door.)

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  3. Plot twist: it turns out Wonka invented Tardises. I mean they time-travel and are smaller on the outside. You know there’s only one factory in the history of the entire universe that develops doodads like that.

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