Repost: ‘Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas

(From last year, but worth showing again)

The YouTuber It’s Just Some Random Guy was, for me at least, a staple of the early and high days of the superhero renaissance. Entirely using action figures, he’d put out comedic sketches where a DC and a Marvel character compare notes on their latest films (e.g. the first round was Superman Returns and Spider-Man 3, which indicates how long he’s been going).

In addition, he also ended up putting out more narrative-driven stories that, while still very funny (“Why did you let [Iron Man] drink? He’s an alcoholic!” “I gathered that about the fifth round of Jaeger”), actually managed to pack legitimate dramatic punch (certainly moreso than anything in the DCEU), aided by a solid grasp of the characters and some really quite fine voice-acting skills. All with nothing but a bunch of action figures.

For tonight, I offer a Christmas special from way back in 2007 (which explains the mangled aspect ratio). To say more would be to spoil it.

Merry Christmas!

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