Lenten Embertide

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after the first Sunday of Lent are the Spring Ember Days, when we fast and give thanks for the marvelous works of God, Who orders the changing of the times and seasons.

In Lenten Embertide, we anticipate the coming of Spring, the time of birth and renewal, of planting and preparation. As the Earth continues her yearly lap around the Sun, the weather begins to warm up, the ground thaws, and things that were sleeping begin to wake up. The dreary, contemplative winter is over, and the time for up and doing is fast approaching.

As I say, Spring is the time of planting; laying down the seeds that won’t bear fruit until the year’s end. The time of making plans and starting down the road, not expecting immediate recompense, but trusting that it will come in the end.

So, take this time to fast and reflect on what seeds need planting this year and to ask for trust that God will bring them to fruition.

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