Kaiju Appreciations: Legendary Kong

As I said, part of my Lenten fast is giving up most video content. However, this doesn’t extend to working on my own videos, since I want to pick up on the pace on those. And today I finished and uploaded my latest one: an appreciation for Legendary Kong, the version of Kong from the ‘Monsterverse’ films:

The Monsterverse is, obviously, pretty uneven in terms of film quality, but generally enjoyable. I also thought they did a decent job of keeping the kaiju ‘in character’, especially for contemporary films. So, Kong in this version is very much as he ever was: indomitable, wild, and courageous, but with a softer side.

And though I went in, of course, as a Godzilla partisan, I did appreciate Kong’s defiant tenacity during their battles in Godzilla vs. Kong; his persistence in the face of a battle he ultimately couldn’t hope to win and his refusal to concede even after he’d been beaten. With that in mind, the song choice seemed pretty clear: Sabaton’s “The Unkillable Soldier”.

Not much else to say at the moment. Enjoy!

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