St. Joseph the Worker at C365

Another Catholic365 post is up; this one talking about St. Joseph the Worker the topic of labor:

This universalism – “world peace”, “end world hunger”, “save the earth”, and so on – has its advantage. Namely, that the end goal is one that no individual can either achieve or judge. If all environmental issues, for instance, were miraculously solved tomorrow, no one would be able to confirm that, because no one would be able to both examine the whole world nor form a clear judgment of what ought to be happening in each case.

I call this an advantage because it means that an endeavor that couches itself in universal terms can neither succeed nor fail. Communism, for instance, can never be considered to have failed, because it is conceived of as a world-wide ideal. One can (and many do) always say that it needed more time or a better playing field or better human material, and that in any case it is worth everything to bring it about, because to do so would be such a triumph for humanity.

So it is that the labor movements and the political religions that go along with them, the things we unhappy moderns associate with May 1st, are ubiquitous. They will never either triumph or go away until or unless the whole of society undergoes another shift.

But fortunately, we can ignore these things. For today is also the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and he shows us a different path.

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